So what is up guys Mr. AJ here, helping you to master your technology how to use the iPhone 11 camera system? Now you see a lot of photos and samples and you know this is a great camera so far. Some people wonder how you’re getting such sharp results. I’m gonna share with you all of that today.

Now quick refresher 12 megapixel dual cameras on the rear but with the 11 what’s neat as Apple decided to go with an ultra wide-angle on this camera instead of the telephoto of pryor dual camera iPhones. These are capable up to 4k 60p recording which many cameras aren’t even capable of doing.

Although it’s doing it on a much tinier sensor. You can see on the front, we do have a 12 megapixel you can’t really see it but we have a 12 megapixel hidden in there. That does 4k 60 on the front as well which is a big step up over prior iPhones.

Now i m going to tell you all its feature one by one, the first thing I want to talk about is

Trick 1 -How you access this camera from the lockscreen

A lot of people seem to forget this. I still see people opening up their app open up their phone click on application and you probably missed the moment by then just quickly go ahead and swipe to the right and get into your camera. That’s the fastest way to not miss a moment on this foam.

I’ve even seen people tapping camera icon on the lock screen and they’re like come on open up what’s going on here in this fast-paced world. We seem to forget that you have to haptic press that camera to get in. So those are the way to access the camera very fast.

You can also tell Siri open the camera and Siri will open the camera. It’s not the fastest option. You can also say take a selfie and it will open the selfie camera for you so those are some things or some ways to access it.

Now for me I like to keep the camera app itself all the way down on the right. So it’s easier for your thumb if you’re a righty to go ahead and find that camera,an apple Also knows this that’s why the selfie to the rear camera option is right there kind of where that dock is down there on the right side. If you’re a lefty and you often have your phone in the left hand. I would put it over there for faster access as well but again that selfie camera button is still gonna be on the right, so you still got to reach over for that.

If you’re Lefty put it over there not for me if I’m doing video I like to keep the camera up here like higher up because I’m typically attaching the rode videomic L .This is probably the best microphone you can get for the iPhone.

It goes right into the Lightning port,plug it in right there but you can see with the wind muff when you’re outside that this microphone is now blocking your ability to touch the dock right there. So I do like to keep the camera up there when doing video and using a microphone attachment like this.

Trick 2 -change in setting 

you’re gonna use this camera properly,the first thing you want to know is the settings in this camera. So let’s go to those settings right here. Now in preserve settings these are gonna be the things that you don’t want to switch all the time.

If you want to preserve the last video mode you’ll turn on the “camera mode” right there rather than resetting back to the original photo mode every time you reopen the camera.

Also you could turn on these creative controls , where it will use the last filter you had the last aspect ratio.

If you like to keep everything the same way every time ,you want to use these preserve settings. A lot of people will probably benefit from turning off the “live photo” because sometimes it takes live photos and you don’t want to take the live photo.

One thing you absolutely need to turn on if you want to get the best results , is the gridlines. So turn this on that’s gonna allow you in the camera to see the rules of thirds. so right here you’re gonna see right there you can frame your photos properly when you turn on the grids’ in. It’s not gonna be necessary for people who don’t want the best results but if you’re reading this post you probably do want the best results. So use the gridlines and frame your photos in the rules of 3rd.

Trick 3- scan QR code

Scan QR codes , just gonna locate those QR codes when you get a product or something like that. You just need to scan it really quickly it’ll just automatically recognize it and record video settings.

Now for me I like to keep things in 4k 60 every time I record because I this phone at 700 bucks I want the best quality I can get out of this phone. But if you’re trying to save the most space and have pretty decent video, I would stick to ten eighty thirty but if you want high quality video go to 4k thirty.

If you want a super smooth feel, stick between 1080 60 and 4k 60 if you’re looking for a cinematic feel, you’re gonna go to 4k at twenty four that’s like what they kind of do when they’re doing those cinematic slow movie like feel. you’re gonna go to the twenty four make it also lock the camera so it’s not switching between modes as well now what does this record stereo sound well this is gonna record a lot more of the environment noise and the people in the environment. whereas if you turn this on it kind of focuses more mono more on your voice and what’s closer to it. It’s going to be probably a little bit tinny err I don’t I don’t like the audio when the stereo sound is off.

Trick 3

It just doesn’t sound as good if you’re not using an external microphone. If you use an external microphone this doesn’t really matter anymore. A lot of people have problems with compatibility issues especially if you’re using like Windows computer. if you’re using a Windows computer I recommend you go to most compatible because a lot of these formats are only gonna work with Apple stuff.

So if you’re working with Apple stuff leave it in high efficiency but I would say if you’re working with other programs other than apple programs, you’re gonna want to use most compatible in addition. If you’re just trying to save space on your phone, I would use the high efficiency mode as well on the iPhone 11.

Trick 4

When talking about composition, you have the ability to capture some data outside of the frame on the iPhone 11 which will allow you to crop out like the wide-angle parts that you missed. You’ll see it in an example soon you can also do that same thing in the video capture and you can auto apply these adjustments just by toggling that on.

Now here’s the thing these will go away after 30 days so if you do plan on cropping your right angle make sure you do that or you’re not gonna be able to after 30 days and 30 days might seem like a long time but you might forget this if you haven’t went back to that photo in a while.

So make sure you make your edits rather quickly ,now smart HDR is where Apple is combining different parts of the photos separate exposures using the diffusion all those things combined and you’re gonna have really sharp results with proper balance of exposure and things like that would out even happen to know anything about that stuff.

So if you want the crispiest results use the smart HDR , if you want a more natural photo you want to tweak pose to yourself I would probably turn that off I think Apple does a great job with this so I would just leave it on if you’re looking for the best results from your iPhone camera. So now that you have mastered the settings let’s see how we use these settings here so we got the rule of thirds going on there now you can just tap the One X to go between the ultra wide and the standard wide now one thing people do a lot is they pinch to zoom like this and to me that’s a little bit like easy to make the phone jiggle get a blurry photo.

So what I like to do is grip the phone nice and tight here on both edges and then take this and use the slider to go ahead and zoom. It allows you to stay a lot more stable and get you a better result, now for each one of these lines you’re going up point 1x so you’ll see right here point 1 point 2 point 3 and all the way all the way up to 5x which is digital zoom.

So anything past the 1x you’re gonna start to create a little bit more noise on the iPhone 11 because feeding past the 1x you’re basically cropping in it’s a digital zoom so you’re not actually zooming with an actual hardware lens which means that the quality will suffer past the 1x at 26 mil.

So if you go backwards here that’s actually a hardware lens so you should get pretty good quality out of that photo right there.

Trick 5


Okay so a lot of people when they open up the iPhones camera , they just take a photo they don’t even focus but there is a way to focus the exact object that you want to focus on, so you just tap anywhere on the screen, a lot of people knew this already. but one thing you may not have known is that you can also lock the exposure on this and focus here.

So just hold it down until you see a eaf lock and that’ll pinpoint right on the thing you want to focus. You can take your thumb and raise the exposure or lower it right there there’s no way to do shadow adjustment like you could do on the pixel but still at the same time you can change the exposure and get the right photo. Now hold it steady just go ahead and take the photo like that.

In addition you could go ahead and hold down this to start making video lock it to the right right there and that will keep recording video this key right here is the ability to take photos while in this actual video so you can be recording video and taking photos at the same time, But no longer you just hold down to burst.

You have to take it left to start bursting which you could see right there it’ll keep going on the phone both those modes do work in the selfie mode as well holding down to do video lock the video take the photos and bursting as well.

It works in both selfie and the rear camera so for the best results always tap to focus it will always give you the cleanest shot and will get the focus every time. Although the iPhone does a good job at just taking a photo without tapping the focus most of the time if you’re trying to make sure that this photo you’re taking is going to come out properly Always do that.


Trick 6


Now the ways to get to you your modes like filters and things like that have changed a little bit on the iPhone 11, all you have to do is swipe up anywhere on the screen and it will bring those modes up and you could see right here that you now have the ability to change your flash right here from flash auto on and off and then you have your live photos right here you could turn those off you also have something new here which is the 16 by 9 aspect ratio which means that you can now take YouTube thumbnails.YouTube videos in a way that a camera actually could you couldn’t do this before go to 4:3 that’s gonna be your highest quality photo or one to one which is your Instagram photo right there now you do have your timers right here up to 10 seconds.

You guys kind of know how this stuff works and there are your filters so don’t forget that on the iPhone 11 you must swipe up to get to your filters and things like that I’ve already had people ask me where are the filters on this camera and again the same features apply to the front-facing camera when accessing those modes.

Now when in video settings you should also note that with the iowa’s 13.2 Apple did include the ability to change between the HD and 4k on the iPhone 11 up here in the right corner, you just tap on them and you could change between the frame rates as well this is a very welcome addition as you always had to go back into settings and leave the camera before but that’s no longer true here.

Now for the iPhone 11 but people say there’s no way you’re getting this quality on the iPhone 11 on some of my prior posts well you have to keep in mind that there are studio lights where I’m at. you can imagine these very bright lights and that’s something I want you to note. You can see another one right there I got three of them what I want you to note is that and that’s what I want to know to get the absolute professional best results you possibly can on the – 11.

you’re gonna want great lighting for this camera it’s a tiny sensor so you need to pull in as much light as possible it’s not a huge sensor like you know some cameras on the market have but it does have a night mode that uses a combination of software and long exposure to give you a decent picture in dark lighting. Speaking of that night mode let’s go and activate it.


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