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Hi friend I am happy because you are come here in this section , I’m the real person behind this computer tricks blog. My name is Ajay soni and www.extratipstrick.com is my website address. I’m an Indian blogger.

This website is globally available to everyone (who is having an internet connection and a device that facilitates to connect to the Internet).

I love computers and I understand them a little bit more than I understand anything else in this whole world. So, the reason for having all computer tech related content on this blog is now clear.

Some says, I am smart, intelligent, loving, caring, exciting, fantastic, optimistic, remarkable, thoughtful, unique, influential, impressive, creative, determined, passionate, hardworking and confident when it comes to computers (maybe that’s true but I try to be like that Always).

Why I Created this Computer Blog?

Just because I can – may be the answer. But another reason is that I use to spend lots of hours every day looking for my tech related answer on web (or I just simply like browsing) and with time I found that Internet is still lacking something (may be a blog). I was getting a feeling that there is still a scope (or reason) for creating a blog-website. And I decided to create one with some good articles that were outdated or incomplete on the web. Okay, the major reason was that I always wish to have a popular blog.

In the early days (not that early – In 2014) I wrote articles that were not available on Internet. I was having solutions for some tech related problems that I usually face, with my PC or Internet. I published some early articles that were the result of my trail and hit experiments (and some research). But today I write articles that I like (of course related to tech only), I don’t care whether it’s available on web or not but I make sure that I view all others published articles, so that I write well and provide correct information to my blog readers (audience is growing).

Today I am writing about what I’m doing with my computers and Internet connection (which I don’t really have). Some volunteer writers and tech enthusiast like Mohit soni, also help me to put more content on this blog. Some guest bloggers also submit some guest articles (but they ask for self-promotion or look for benefit (SEO related) and so I don’t engage with them anymore).

My Introduction with Computers

Ajay soni I saw (actually noticed) computers for the first time when I was in 5th standard and got my first PC at 10th standard (2009). It was mysterious and took me a complete year to understand it (actually I was getting familiar with MS windows system). After a year I was introduced to HTML (used for creating static web pages) then C++ (and other languages in next coming years). I get to know about C++ at school when I was having it as a part of computer Science subject. I was excited and ready to learn C++ and at the same time, reading computer books helped me a lot to understand everything (actually not everything, I’m still learning). Thanks to my family and some friends who unintentionally or intentionally encouraged and motivated me for all this, “Tech World”. I am really thankful to each of them (they might not know that).

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This page was about to me but I hope on same time it was valuable to you. Of course with time the above information will need some changes to be made but did I forget something? My email is mentioned above, in case, shoot me an email today.

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Dated: 20 november 2014

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