Hey it’s A.j podcasts used to be a thing and then it sort of fell off people kind of forgot about it and now it seems like it’s making a huge comeback. So I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this. It’s like how can I get the most out of the podcasts that I’m listening to that I want to enjoy.

How do I make that experience as good as possible. this set me off on a search for the best podcasting app and you get to enjoy the benefits of all my research right now.


 * Top 5 Best Podcast App iPhone* 

 1. Listen app 

I’m gonna kick things off with a brand new app called “listen” which describes itself as the most beautiful podcast app. Actually I’m pretty inclined to agree. Some podcasts apps maybe even most. Just don’t look great but listen is like eye candy even though it’s for your ears. The cue management is amazing, The new episodes section lists what else new episodes by day instead of giving you just an endless list and then you can swipe left on an episode to add it to the top or bottom of your queue.

I also really like the way you can change how shows are sorted in your library, recently updated, most listened, alphabetical etc and the now playing screen is very cool, very different, very pretty and if you swipe up on it, you’ll see your cue which you can then drag and drop to rearrange. There aren’t a ton of fancy features here like you’ll find in some of the more well-known podcasting apps but you can’t at least increase your speed up to three times while listening.

When I was getting listen set up I really appreciated that there was an import feature that tried to grab my podcast subscriptions from Apple’s App. Unfortunately it only found like 10 of my 20 plus subscriptions but I guess it still save me some time in the long run and something that nobody is going to argue about here is that this app is free, as in free with no ads. How are they making money I really don’t know but no price tag and no subscriptions at least for now.

Basically the “listen app” just nailed the interface. It’s gorgeous, it’s simple, it’s intuitive and there’s no better combination than that something the Creator this app purposefully did was make sure you could operate things one-handed. So unlike other apps the play button is actually within reach of your thumb and there’s lots of gestures if you tap find something new at the top of your library, you’ll also get a gorgeous and well-organized search and discover page that has some top picks, some new podcasts, a trending section and a list of topics and you can just browse.

This app in my mind is very nearly perfect and I would switch to it immediately but there’s one major thing that’s kind of missing for me and that’s cross-platform support. “listen” is only available on your iPhone right now but if it ever expands to the Apple watch into carplay and if it can add a few of those more advanced features then it would be just about perfect.


 2. Breaker podcasting app 


This is the another best podcasts app for iphone. The next super innovative podcasting app that I want to share with you guys is called “breaker”. It’s also brand new and it’s a social podcast app which is kind of its big thing. When you sign up, you can sign up with Twitter for instance and you can see what your friends are listening to.

There’s kind of this cool inbox feature that lets your friends send us ODEs that they think you’re gonna like. which is pretty cool theoretically but even I who I’m pretty active on Twitter and have nearly 20,000 Twitter followers there’s only six people that I followed on Twitter who were in this app.

Even that small number was good for discovery because I could then see what podcast people like, my bro aditya were subscribed to and that helped me find a few new favorites. Also pretty interesting to see the activity of friends.I can see specific episodes that they’re listening to and also who they’re following. Which in turn is kind of like a rabbit hole and you can just keep following it and discovering more stuff.

I will say though that I recommend turning off the notifications because as soon as I joined I had like 36 notifications of people who have followed me both iOS and email notifications. The library which is where you’ll find your playlist. It didn’t blow me away and isn’t really my favorite way of digging through queued up content. This app was actually designed to move away from subscriptions in the first place and to concentrate more on personalized and social discovery.

Okay so that being the case I did head back to the Activity Feed and found some new people that some friends had followed and that did lead to some new discoveries. I found some new interesting podcasts that way. Then now playing screen it’s okay . There’s a sleep timer you can set a custom speed and you can save that speed preference per show. you can skip silences to make things go faster so it does have at least some of those advanced.

On the now playing screen there’s also some social components like the ability to heart, comment and send an episode to your friends inbox. One thing that’s really cool here is the landscape mode. this is the only podcast app I’ve ever heard of that has a landscape mode . If you’re in another app in landscape mode and you come back to this app then you don’t have to rotate your phone. That could be a killer feature for some people.

Other than the awesome landscape mode though the rest of the design is just okay to me. It’s functional but I wouldn’t call it beautiful. You do really like the social component of this app then it might be kind of a bummer that it’s only available on iOS right now. of course in the future I’d love to see that expand to the rest of the Apple galaxy.


 3. Brew podcast app for iphone 


Best podcast app on iphone ,we’re gonna check out “brew” which is another brand new app that I really doubt you’ve ever heard of. and it’s really geared towards supporting podcast creators. It’s kind of like the Netflix for podcasts at least that’s sort of how it’s been described and what that means is you pay a fee every month I’ll get to that in just a second which gets distributed based I think on the content that you consume.

Also like Netflix brew is developing some original content. that you’re not gonna find anywhere else like the mad dad show from youtuber Jack Vale which features him and his daughter talking about stuff together.

Yeah this is kind of a different approach to a podcasting app. the fee is $4.99 a month and there’s a free trial so you can see if it’s worth it to you. Really until they build up a huge library of exclusive content, you’re really gonna have to want to support those creators that you listen to. Discovery and brew is also kind of different when you first get this set up you’ll get a tender like interface with some podcast suggestions.

You can swipe left or right to either subscribe or not. And then on the home page every time you open up the app you’ll see some new episode releases which you can swipe left or right on to to either download or skip which is interesting.

There’s also discover tab of course to find new shows this one features some top charts which I don’t really like the look of and don’t find very functional. There’s a place to sort through the small library of brew originals and then there’s some recommendations from topics you might like.

The way these recommendations work is kind of interesting because when you select one it starts Auto playing a short clip to give you an idea of what you want to listen to or not. It’s just a quick preview which is actually a pretty unique feature but now Paige is pretty nice.

The focus is mainly on the plate controls of course and also a cheers button which is kind of like a like button. I’m not sure if that means that creators get a tip when you press it or just tells them good job , I like this content. All your standard extra options are hidden which is actually kind of nice there’s less clutter but there’s your sleep timer and the speed adjuster among a couple other things.

There’s also a car mode which makes the buttons huge kind of like what you get on audible but I would much rather just have an actual car play app. one thing I really like about Brew’s interface is that it defaults to continued listening up at the top on the home screen. You can easily finish listening to episodes that you didn’t have time to finish earlier and they also don’t get lost or forgotten.

Brew is interesting as someone who creates content myself, I can appreciate people thinking of new ways for creators to make a living will it take off though that remains to be seen. We’re gonna transition now from talking about new apps that you’ve never heard of that are very cool to some cool older apps that are just kind of more conventional than maybe you have heard of but I’m gonna cover what I think about them because really.

If we’re having this discussion about podcasting apps and if you’re ready to go all-in on podcasts get the most out of them then these have to be part of that conversation.


 4. Pocket cast iphone app 


What better place to start than with pocket cast which I’ll just tell you right now I feel like has the most balance. It is the best podcast app for iphone when it comes to design and features. It’s got everything that you traditionally would want in a pretty good design. It can feel kind of plain to me a little bit vanilla at times but it’s hard not to recommend this if you’re serious about podcasts because it does so many things so well.

For starters I love the homescreen which is just your podcast screen because not only is there a search bar up at the top to search through your episodes which is epic but you can completely change, how your podcasts appear Right now.

I have it sorted by episode release date and I have it with smaller icons. which lets me see more of my podcasts and understand what’s been recently updated.

Oh and you can also turn on badges for each podcast just to see how many episodes you’ve missed out on. why I like that is because it’s not just static like other apps. It changes its dynamic and it keeps things a lot more interesting and maybe helps you remember some podcasts that you forgot about.

When you’re ready to listen to a podcast and you head over to the filters to the new releases and then you can swipe right on each episode to add it to either the top or bottom of your queue. which pocket cast calls up next and that appears underneath the now playing screen, which is very convenient and when you’re checking it out ,you can then drag and drop to rearrange your episodes which is a must have. the now playing screen is super straightforward but it does have lots of customizations. You can really fine-tune your play speed .

You don’t have to just go two times or three times faster you can go like 2.3 times faster. and of course you can also trim silence or do a volume boost for noisy situations. There’s a sleep timer and you can also favorite episodes to reference them later which is awesome. something I really love here something I use are the per podcast settings.

If you click on a podcast and click on the gear icon ,you can then set defaults for each podcast. Pocket cast has an all-right discover page. I think it’s pretty generic and you’ll mostly find stuff that you’ll find featured in other apps. There is a cool profile tab which will show you how many minutes you’ve listened to you how many minutes you’ve saved that kind of stuff.

Again if you’re really gonna get into your podcast and take them seriously then you’ll love the ability to create custom episode filters. Oh and I should mention just in case you haven’t noticed there’s a dark theme. the real icing on the cake, here for me is that pocket cast is available not just on your iPhone, not just on your iPad, not just on your Apple watch, not just in car play but there’s even a browser version. if you want to listen to this while you’re at your desk.


 5. Overcast podcast iphone app 


Next up we’re going to talk about “overcast” which I included here because so many people love it . It’s so popular the thing is it’s not really my favorite it doesn’t have to do really at all with the features it’s really more about the design. which I feel is a little bit clunky. but I should mention it does look a lot better in dark mode. so you open overcast and you’re greeted with playlists at the top and podcast underneath which I can’t say that I love.

Basically if you’re not creating your own playlist then it’s not gonna be too awesome. the now playing screen is also kind of odd to me in order to access the playback options and the episode description, you actually swipe left or right on the cover art. but once you get there you’ll get the options that you’d expect like smart speed ,voice, booze and sleep timer and overcast can remember your preferences per podcast.

Oh and unless you paid a year there’s a little ad that appears at the bottom of the screen which obviously isn’t optimal.There is a section in the settings called nitpicky details ,I kid you not which lets you change all kinds of options that other apps won’t let you.

It’s not necessarily stuff that I particularly care about. I do like that you can import podcasts from other apps which makes switching a little bit easier and searching for podcasts is definitely quite a bit quicker here.

There’s also a bit of a social aspect here so you can connect your Twitter account to see recommendations by episode or by podcasts and I actually found that to be pretty useful otherwise though the discovery page is just about like you’d expect.

Last thing for overcast I definitely like being able to search within podcasts for specific episodes and it’s great you can add some serious shortages .I save the app Castro for last because it has a really unique way of sorting through episodes.

Castro has an episode inbox which kind of acts like notifications for new episodes. so you check your inbox ,you see if there’s anything you like and then you add it to your queue from there.

If there’s shows you’re always gonna want to listen to you can just have them automatically drop into your queue, otherwise you can sort them out in that inbox. The design here takes a little bit of getting used to because the play controls are glued to the bottom of the app and the actual app buttons like cue inbox library and search, are all above.

I actually don’t love the now playing screen which is functional but definitely not pretty . You can access a lot of the options there for free like the sleep timer and playback speed although a voice enhancement and silence trimming are locked unless you want to sign up for a subscription which cost nine dollars a year or three dollars a quarter.

You do sign up for a subscription you’ll also get some other options like being able to change the app icon which I don’t know I’ll let you decide if that’s worth it or not. There is a night mode and there are per podcast settings. It’s pretty cool that you can change the interval of skipping forward or backwards from the default of 30 or 15 seconds. And again I’m glad to see some serious shortcuts integration. The discovery page is kind of sadly simple here. It’s just a list of categories that you can sort through.




Which app am I gonna stick with now that I’ve done all this research on reddit or my experience and testing ,I really do love to “listen app” . I listen to a lot of podcasts in the car . So not having carplay support is the and deal-breaker for me there. In light of that I have to say ,I’m gonna be sticking with “pocket casts” because it’s just so well rounded and available literally everywhere that I’d ever want to use it.

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Well that’s it for this article best app for podcasts iphone, let me know what you thought down in the comments or over on Twitter or Instagram where you can find me.



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