Hi friends In this post i will show you how you can download any video from facebook directly or indireftly from your MAC or windows computer including facebook live .

I know you allready tried it but unfortunatly its process is not so straight forward as a can be But good news is that there are few option to do it and each option does have its advantages and disadvantages and here in this post i will provide you the best solutions.

1) Just Using Facebook

The first solution for you is just facebook.com itself to download your videos but the process is little bit different between a page or profile and group so i’m gonna take you the couple of different methods.

A) Downloading from a profile

Step 1) Go to the video which you want to download

Step 2) And click on time when video is uploaded ( see below picture)

Step3) Now your video open in a new tab ,simply click on three dots and click on the “download video

Step4) Now you can see a new browser tab (chrome or any other),right click on it and click on “save video as

B) Download Videos From Page

Open the video and click on three dots presented at the same location as the picture showing below and follow above given step no 4.

2) Using Thrid Party Website

Step 1) open your facebook account and look tgrough the video which you want in your gallary.

Step 2) copy the url of that video which is showing in your browser .

Note: if url is not showing in your browser simply right click on the video itself and click “show video url”

Step 3) open any of the one third party website fbdown.net or bitdownloader.com and paste the url of the video which you copy in step 2

3) Using parallels toolbox ($19.99 per year)

This is best and simple option for you to grab videos from the internet and watch offline using download videos option.you can tak a screanshot or record a video with a single click for quick cut and paste jobs.You need to change the setting of this tool for getting hd quality videos and many more functions.It is available for both mac and windows.Also you can convert the video using this tool.

So guys this is how you can download the facebook videos easily directly from your profile ,page or group .If you like this post please do share it with others.

Thanks keep reading…


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