Hi buddy welcome back here,In this blog I am going to show you how you can increase the instagram engagement and discovery upto 5 times in the next few days,I called this process the preparation bacause two most important parts which could improved yourself ,your discovery your engagement and so on, on instagram.

Here in this blog i’m not going to tell you the best instagram engagement groups 2019 or instagram engagement groups telegram

Let me explain you how you can prepare your instagram account befor we can dive in into contant and marketing.You need to understand first how instagram works with all of its secrate algorithims, lets assume that we have an instagram account with 1000 follower. It could be persional account or it could be account of your brand.

So lets say you have a barbour shop and you want to have some new sells ,some new clints which go and come in to your door and what you have to do, for sure you should create the contant ,but in this post i will not cover in details how to create a good contant but in this post i am covering how you can improve engagement without doing nothing.

So if you create a new post and this could be any kind of contant it could be new photo or video which you post in to your feed ,it could be instagram story or it could be live .we move to the phase one which is named quality check.

Phase 1 : Quality Check

In this phase instagram shows your contant to small amount of your audions.So let say if you had 1000 followers and you post in your pease of contant ,instagram will show it upto 5 to 10 percent of your audeons and if we take a look here you have some part of your followers it could be the bots or we can say it could be commercial account or fake account and they would not engage or comment it ,like it etc on your post , no matter what kind of contant you post.

So what happens after you post this contant ,instagram shows it to arround 50% percent of your followers in the first part and arround 50% of your contant to another part and in most cases your bots are not like 100% of your account they could be somewhere arround 25% to 75% and no matter how clean you keep your instagram from time to time the ammount of bots on your account will grow up and this bacuse a lots of mass followers they try to follow your location, your hash tag and new account just subscribed and follow you.

You can not in most cases do nothing but in the end of this post actualy i will explain what you can do to avoid this fake account.

And now lets took a look what gonna next so after some part of your followers this 5 to 10 of ur audience sees on your new post it will show up to your real followes or bots account and what account they would not intract in any way but your real follower they would intract it ,like it ,comment it they could save it ,share it.

It depend on the quality of your contant because if you a create a realy high quality contant for your targeted audience not only a contant which is appealing and is likeable or shareable but also if your target audeion has some real value from this contant the people will like it.And they will intract with this kind of contant so instagram sees does it have some activity or no activity on your contant .

If you have more bots on your account the activity would go lower because this account would not intract in any way with your contant and it means that instagram which see there is no activity.

Phase 2: First Engagement Feedback

Here in phase 2, the instagram would try to underatand like do you have some intraction with your contant you just publish?Do you have some comments likes, shares,bookmarks,account quality etc.Some bots they could intract with your contant if is a mass follower or some commercial account for sure they could like it ,share it and comment on it but in most cases they would not share this contant and this means the activity would be really really low quality and instagram could understand that somekind of account which intracts with your contant .If they are low quality account it gives almost the same answer as no activity on your account at all.

And instagram will make a feedback decision so it will decide ,Is your contant high quality of low quality ?Instagram is machine not a human and using this signal.If instgram think your contant having low quality then it would not show your contant to any people and make the end of the process.

If instagram realise that you have a high quality contant it would give a signal that this contant need to be shown more .

Phase 3: Second Engagement Feedback

So here in this phase 3 instagram would do absolutly the same what i just explained you ,it will compare the activity of your followers with your contant and if this activity is good instagram would go to phase 4 then phase 5,and this phases could just continue and till same ammount of your followers is reached.

And the more bots you have so the main idea of the speeder is that the more bots you have in your account .The fewer phases you will get from instagram and the fewer reach and discovery you will get from overall followers list.

So what to do in this situation when you have some low quality followers in your account which i called bots.

 Lets make the classification of bots.What kind of account we could called bots and why we should eliminate them.

Type #1 : Empty Accounts

This type of accounts are not being used for a long time,This accounts were created as a fake account.They dont have a profile picture,followers,followings or any contant inside of this accounts.We should block this accounts firstly.

Type #2: Commercial Accounts

Actually this could be your comptetors.The Commercial account could be the accounts with any number of followings ,followers,post,comments etc but it does not matter because this accounts are created with only one idea in mind to promote someones product or service and if this accounts are marketed not in right way they actually like and follow hash tags of the compatitors .

I mean you if your hash tag is on their list they would likely do be following you, to like, to comment and this account should be blocked because they does not make any sence for us even if they comment or like your contant ,they would not buy from you so you should blocked them.

Type #3: Accounts with 0-1 posts in feed

This accounts are created for some reasons but they dont have any publication and any account with zero to one post could be blocked safely and they would not harm your followers list.

Type #4: Mass follower

Actually this is the most popular type which you should blocked and this account have more then one thousand outgoing follow links so they follow more then 1k people .Mass follower will make up the bigest percentage of fake accounts which are following you.

Type #5: Accounts inactive for 90-60-30 Days exept private accounts.

This accounts which had not posted new contants in the last 90 days.Then we have some inactive account for 60 days and 30 days.

Now after identified all these accounts ,you should block them to increase your engagement.Also you could block all the accounts with less than 15 posts (Manually)


How You Can Block This Fake Accounts?


Step 1) First of all you need to go to your followers list

Step 2) Right here you should click on any account which you don’t know and not sure about it (Good or bad)

Step 3) Now you see from the below given picture the account have 2134 following and have only 9 post and 151 followers,So it is possible that this account is not safe for you.

How to increase instagram engagement and discovery 2-5 times in a few days 2019

Step 4) So for blocking this account you need to click on three dots and click on “Block” and then click on “Block”

How to increase instagram engagement and discovery 2-5 times in a few days 2019

Step 5) Thats it this account is blocked and instgram says that you can unblock it anytime.

How to increase instagram engagement and discovery 2-5 times in a few days 2019

The more bots,massfollowers,commercial accounts are following you ,the lower engagement rate you would have.

If you do not want to block someone then simply remove them from your account without notifying ,To do so click on the three dots after the follow button and click on Remove tab.

How to increase instagram engagement and discovery 2-5 times in a few days 2019

Bulk/Mass Unfollow on Instagram Apps iOS/Android 2019

Here you can choose any of the app given below for mass infollow on instagram.Go to your app store and download and install it.

1. Unfollowers for Instagram IG

2.Unfollowers for Instagram Non-Followers

3.Unfollow for Instagram Tracker

4.Mass Unfollow for Instagram

5.Turbo Unfollow For Instagram

6.Unfollow Users

7.Unfollow Gram – Fans & Unfollowers for Instagram


How To Know The Quality Of Your Account?

Step 1) Go to site hypeauditor.com/

Note: Its a paid website but for one report it is free.

Step 2) Then create an account on it and add your instagram account.

It will provide you the real followers of your account in percentage and details of massfollwer and suspicious accounts in percentage.


Mass followers number will increase every month,so you need to block them on a monthly basis.

How To Calculate The Instagram Engagement Rate Formula

There are three important method For calculating your Instagram engagement rate.

1. Engagement Rate = ((Likes + Comments) / Subscribers) X 100


2. Engagement rate = ((Likes + Comments) / Scope) X 100


3. Engagement rate = ((Like + Comments + Private Shares + Backups) / Scope) X 100

On the other hand, if your goal is to benchmark the competition or identify potential influencers, using the first method with the number of subscribers is the only solution.

In Q1 2019 The engagement for the sponsored post was 2.4% , reduced from 4% three years earlier while The engagement rate of organic post dropped from 4.5% to 1.9% of the same years. The engagement rates for travel influencers literally cut in half from 8% in 2018 to 4.5% in 2019.


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  2. Alright so it’s not really a question about the topic at hand here but… how long does it take you to put together these kind of posts? Is it easy? Like did you have to research all this stuff? I’ve been wanting to start a blog myself, so just curious. Sorry not totally relevant but figured I’d ask. Thanks in advance


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