Hi everybody this is A.J From ETT and into this post looking at “How to LOCK Individual Apps on iPhone & iPad” so guys, as you know apple doesn’t officially allow us to lock individual apps on your iPhone or on our iPad with a passcode. Let’s say every time I open Instagram or messages or photos. it will have a pop-up saying put your passcode to access, that app this is a feature. that we’ve always wanted for so long.

Now, I have finally found a way, that you can actually enable that feature the best part you only need an iOS device running iOS 12 or later so it doesn’t even need to be so updated so iOS well or later and even better we don’t need to download absolutely anything the giant broken or anything like that because everything we’re gonna do is within the Settings app so it’s super easy let’s go ahead and begin let me show you how to do it okay.


How to LOCK Individual Apps on iPhone & iPad


STEP 1 So first thing we’re gonna open the Settings app, as I mentioned. then we’re gonna scroll down to screen time. the feature, you’re gonna use to individually lock apps. so open screen time then turn on screen time.

STEP 2 Now, continue and then we’re gonna scroll down a bit, and use screen time passcode. we’re gonna just set the fast code.

STEP 3 we’re gonna need in order to access those apps are gonna lock okay, so use the screen find passcode, and set screen time passcode like whatever.

STEP 4 Now, it’s four digits. so I’m just created one randomly. we’re gonna go here for app limit, so set time limits for apps. So click on app limits, and then add a limit all right.

STEP 5 Now select the apps that, we actually want to long to individually lock. so let’s go for social media for example Instagram, snapchat, and that’s about it.

STEP 6 Now, let’s say for creativity right here, To enable photos and YouTube studio, because I don’t want anyone messaging around with.

STEP 7 So next, I have selected four apps those are the apps right here, and then select a time limit. so select as low as possible, for example one minute that means every single day. because I have sat here for every day.

STEP 8 I thought at the top here, so every single day my phone will only allow me to use those apps without putting a passcode for one minute. Let’s say everytime, I use it for a minute, and open the app they will ask for that passcode. that we have created.

One minute block at end of limit of course. It has to be on so after that minute. it’s gonna block my limit, Now then I have to put my passcode, that’s what we want so it add right here. Then, I have it right here one minute every day for those four apps Instagram snapchat YouTube studio and photos. it’s on already so as you guys can see my Photos app right here, look at that icon has the that screen time on icon.

It is greyed out meaning, that I can’t use it anymore unless. I put my passcode same story with Instagram, YouTube studio, and then snapchat is buried somewhere around there . So it doesn’t matter, but it’s the same story. so let’s check it out, if I open for example Instagram right here. it already tells me you’ve reached your limit on Instagram.

If I say that’s four more time, then I can have another minute, or it can enter my screen time passcode and right here. this is the feature so even if let’s say a friend a girlfriend a wife or husband has that first train passcode.

you can set different passcode, so that’s super cool , then inter screen time passcode, and then I’m gonna type, that we used before, and as you can allow for 50 minutes for an hour or all day.
you do, what you want let’s say for 15 minutes. so then it’s gonna flip it and then, I can go ahead and use Instagram normally. so how it works guys this super cool. same sorry for any other app that you have allowed, how it works it’s awesome a few more important things before we wrap it up unfortunately.

If you can not lock the phone app that’s the only applications maybe for security reasons or something like that can’t passcode lock the phone app, that’s the only one you can actually lock right here.

if you want messages FaceTime or anything like that you can lock absolutely anything, but not the phone app. if you want to actually lock the message app, you have to come here to this always allowed and then disallow. because in theory messages are always on so they are always allowed so you cannot lock them, but if you just remove them from here.

So if you just go ahead, and tap here and remove then, we can go ahead and do the exact same process of going to lock in messages as well just keep in mind, that if you lock the message app.
you will not be able to send or receive my messages, when they are locked from iPhone or from any other iPad or other device. that is connected via iCloud with it locks not only the phone.

But it locks other computers or their devices as well, so keep that in mind and another thing that’s the only down this process is while the phone and application is locked.

So let’s say YouTube studio is locked right now Instagram was locked. so while they are locked you do not receive notifications.


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