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Let’s get started.


STEP1 First of all, let me show you that this PC is protected with a user password, and we’re going to see on how we can unlock or reset this password for free. To reset your Windows 10 Password using method.


STEP2 Now, you need to have access to another Windows computer and an empty USB pendrive or a Compact Disc. Once you have them, visit lazesoft.com on another Windows computer and choose ‘Lazesoft Recover My Password’ under ‘Products’ tab.

Download LazeSoft Recover My Password: lazesoft.com


STEP3 To recover your forgotten Windows password, you need to download this free piece of software for the personal use. Using this tool, you can reset local Administrator password, Domain Administrator password, retrieve product keys from Windows installations, unlocks and enables user accounts, supports all these types of operating systems, works on all laptops or desktop computers, supports UEFI boot mode and BIOS boot mode and much more.


STEP4 To download this Lazesoft recover my password software, click on this ‘Download Free Trail’ button and download page. Now you should download this free Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition to your computer.


STEP5 Now, Once you have the installation file, just install it on your computer by following the onscreen instructions and launch the software. Now you need to install any one of the removable drive like CD or Pendrive.


STEP6 Now, I’m using a Pendrive and just plug it to one of the USB port to proceed with installation. Now choose ‘Burn CD/USB Disk’ This will get you to this media builder, and Select the destination operating system version.


STEP7 Then I’m choosing ‘Same as this computer’. If you need more options, you can check these. Now choose ‘Next’ then pick the installation drive. I’m choosing the USB flash drive. If you use a CD or DVD, check this option. Once everything is good, click on ‘Start’.


STEP8 Now, You will see this message like ‘Do you want to Format this USB disk’, choose Yes. That’s it. It will now create you a bootable Windows 10 password recovery media. It will take around a minute or 2 to complete the process. Once done, just reboot your computer then change the first booting device to the Pendrive.


STEP9 If you use CD or DVD, choose that. Now you will get this screen and press enter key to choose LazeSoft.


STEP10 It will take few minutes to load all the files, and you will get this window once everything sets up. Here choose ‘Password Recovery’ then choose ‘Reset Windows Password’ then click on ‘Next’ Now accept the license agreement as this is the free tool for the non-commercial use. If you are using for the business, you need to purchase it. As for personal use, click on Yes then you will see the current operating system which is Windows 10 in this case and we are here to reset the Windows 10 password, so click on Next.


STEP11 Now, you will see the list of user accounts. Choose the one that you would to reset the password then click on ‘Next’ Now finally, click on ‘Reset/Unlock’ to remove the password for the user account you selected. You can even change to the desired password from here. Click Ok then Finish the process and then reboot the computer. Make sure to change the booting order back to Windows then you can login to Windows 10 without any password.

So this the steps by which we can easily reset Windows 10 local account password. thanks for reading, you can ask any question and leave any comments down in the comment section below this post.



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