Hi guys ,at this time I will try to show you how you can actually view the profile picture of someone’s Instagram profile. you don’t really have to squint to see what exactly is there. so let’s just get started.


Method 1


First of all open up Instagram, let’s just say that you want to see the profile picture of Justin Bieber for example, I mean it doesn’t really matter. First of all there are three options or three things that you can go about it you can of course go ahead and take a screenshot and then just open up the picture and zoom it in like that you can see immediately what it is. So this is like a quick way of doing that the advantage is that it is quick but the disadvantage is that and it’s not really that quality.it is pixelated ,it’s blurry.

Method 2

There is also the second option. So if you have the three fingers double tap set up it means that you have the zoom feature activated. you can use the very same thing and navigate to the profile picture and simply take a look at it. if you want again this is very quick and works immediately but again the picture is kind of blurry and the quality of the picture isn’t the best.

Method 3


There is also a third option but that requires the profile to be private. For some reason I’m just going to show it to you real quick even though. I don’t think that you should be using this one. so you click on the three dots right at the top of the profile and you click on copy the profile profile URL. you make sure you do that. you can see, it has been copied and now you open up your your web browser and open that url.

you just have to put the link to the top to the search bar. you just have to force press or hold down to this profile picture and now you can view it in the sort of bigger size.you can actually download it to actually save it to your photos which can be a little useful but again this isn’t very sharp.

I don’t think that this is the full resolution and it requires a little bit more steps and only works with private profiles for some reason so this is probably the most useless one but here comes probably the most useful version. Before I want to say that if you are new on this website in case you are not familiar with the poor Fox then you should take a look at my other post.


Method 4 -The Best One

The best way to actually view the profile picture is to open up a website name instadp.com . you know all you have to do is to type in at the username.

so as we are talking about the Justin Bieber. I mean doesn’t really matter but you’re gonna go like that of course wait until it loads up of course.

Now click on a profile and now what you can see right here is this full size so you click on that and this is going to show the profile picture. of course it is full of ads because it provides you some really unique features but you can see this is a profile picture that adjusting uses. you can even download it.

Thats it I want to say thank you so much for watching. I’m not gonna make the post any longer. I want to say that if you enjoy my post hit the like or share button because I have some really nice articles plan and see you guys later in the next one peace out.


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