HEY what’s up ,welcome to upload Extra Tips Trick and into this post looking at “How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone” so in this post I’ll show you an easy way to transfer whatsapp chats, and media files from Android to the new iPhone 11 or 11 Promax. this method will work for other iPhones too.

How to Transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone


STEP 1 First of all, you will need to download the Android whatsapp to iPhone transfer app on your computer website link is given below:



NOTE: this app works perfectly on Windows PC as well


STEP 2 Now, Open the app, we need to perform a few tasks on our Android, before connecting it to our computer, Now first go to developer options and enable us debugging.


STEP 3 if developer options is not available on your device you can go to about phone and tap on the Builder number seven times.


STEP 4Now, backup the whatsapp chats to local storage on your Android device, don’t forget to select never under the backup to Google Drive section. finally access the Google Drive and login with the same Google account you’re using on your Android.


STEP 5 Then go to manage apps section, and disconnect the whatsapp messenger from Google Drive. we are now all set to connect the Android device to our computer. we already perform these tasks so let’s just hit the ok button.
this software requires an older version of whatsapp on your Android, and for this you will need to uninstall or disable the current whatsapp on your Android.


STEP 6 Now, after the downgrade is complete run the modified whatsapp on your Android, verify your phone number, and restore the chats from the backup. if you followed all the steps correctly the software will display on your whatsapp messages, and media content on its interface.


STEP 7 Now, select your Android device and click backup messages button, to backup all the whatsapp chat to the local database of app.


STEP 8 Now, go ahead and connect the iPhone to the computer, before you connect the iPhone make sure, you have an active whatsapp messenger on your iPhone with your phone number verified. you will also need to encrypt your iPhone backup with the password from iTunes click how-to button for more details iCloud backup, and the Find My iPhone should also be disabled on your iPhone else the app will ask you to do it later.


STEP 9 Then enter the same password, that has been used to encrypt the iPhone backup, so the software just detected my iPhone 11 Pro max, Now just select the database we’ve made previously and click transfer messages from database to I phone button finally click the confirm button, and wait patiently. software will transfer all the chats from the backup to the connected iPhone.

Transfer is complete so now I’ll just open the whatsapp messenger app on my iPhone 11 Promax and show you the chats that I copied from my Android.



So this the methods by which we can easily Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone. thanks for reading, you can ask any question and leave any comments down in the comment section below this post. Thats it guys ,if you like this post please do share it with your friends.Thanks for reading ,stay tuned with this blog where you will find all the tech related tips regarding iphone or mac.


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