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How to make ios faster | Follow some Steps to make iphone run faster


So lets get started-




First thing is to hard reset your iPhone. Now different versions of iPhone model have different ways of resetting the iPhone 4 iPhone X, if I want to hard reset it. I have to quickly press and release the volume up button, I have to quickly press and release the volume down button, and then I have to press and hold power on/off button until the iPhone shutdown, and restarts.

once I see the Apple logo then I will release this power on/off button, so let me show you how to hard reset iPhone X.Now I will press and hold the iPhone until iPhone button until it restarts, and once I see the Apple logo I will release this power on/off button. so I have hard reset my iPhone X.




Now, the next thing what you need to check how much of space is left in your iPhone. go to settings here. you go to general go to iPhone storage for me out of 64 gigabyte. I have used 23 point 1 gigabyte so make sure that, you have at least few hundreds of MB left in your iPhone. so that the application can load, and then around properly.

Now, the other thing what you need to check is you need to check what kind of applications you are installing in your iPhone. if you have an older iPhone such as iPhone as 5s, and if you are installing applications which are very heavy like games which takes a lot of memory, and which is graphic related programs.

then you might not want to install those application in your older iPhone. it’s better you use a new iPhone, so that you can play the games which are heavy and which are the newer games that takes a lot of space and memories always make sure. you don’t install heavy applications in your older iPhone.


The next step we can stop the background process for some applications, which are installed in our iPhone. if I go to say in Sein general, and if I go to background app refresh. you can see these applications. they can run in the background, and they can give you the notifications. so you might want to stop these applications from running in the background, so if you want to stop those applications.

there are two things you can do either, you can go to background app refresh, and can turn it off for all the applications or else you can choose the applications from here. which you don’t want to run in the background. you don’t want to stop those applications such as email to stop it from running in the background. because whenever you receive a new email then, you will get notification.

if you have allowed it to run in the background. so choose which applications, you don’t want to run in the background also what you can do is you can stop the iPhone forum automatically downloading, and installing update in your iPhone. so that the iPhone can run faster for example I’ll go to settings here, I will go to iTunes and App Store and right now. if I see the apps the button is disabled and the Update button is disabled.

so it will prevent the iPhone forum automatically downloading the updates, and installing in your iPhone at the same time.


Now, another thing is you need to make sure that you have the latest versions of applications installed in your iPhone. because some of the applications it might causing an issue due to is the iPhone is running slow. so in case you need to make sure that you have the updated version of the application for that one you will go to App Store here. you will go to update here, and you can find out all the update which are pending for the applications.

so select update all, and then update all the application. if there is any issues which is caused by an application. it might be fixed with the new update also what you need to do is you need to make sure that, you have the latest version of iOS install in your iPhone.

Now, go to Settings General software update iPhone will check, if there is a new version of iOS which is left to be installed in your iPhone for me. my iPhone is up to date so always make sure that you have the latest version of iOS installed which is available for your iPhone. so these are certain things that you can do to make a Iphone around faster or walk faster thank you.


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